[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="Giuseppes Express in Pismo Beach"]Giuseppes Express in Pismo Beach[/caption]

In our continuing search for the Best Carrot Cake in SLO County, we stayed a little closer to home, Pismo Beach. On occasion we have frequented Giuseppes Express on Price Street just across from Giuseppes Restaurant. We duck in for a slice of Pizza, salad or some Gelatto. We always check out the dessert display. After trying everything over time, we keep coming back to the carrot cake.

At $4.95 per slice and weighing in at a tad over 11oz (including container). This is a light weight compared to the Temple. It does stand up well in the taste department. There are three layers of internal frosting with bits and pieces in the frosting.

The cake is moist. To me this is a requirement in order to be included in our debate. Not Moist! Take it else where! I like some texture in my carrot cake and this offering never disappoints. Not, the almost too coarse texture of the Temple, but well presented with a nice blend of nuts, carrots and well you get the picture.

Once again do you have a nomination - let's us know!