Ask Goldie (Vanderbilt) on Doggy EtiquetteGolden Retriever Being the ambassador of all good things dog-friendly in Pismo Beach, I think it is a good idea to review some solid dog etiquette for my friends planning a visit to join me on the beach and in town. Now, I’m no substitute for Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Book of Etiquette because I’m a dog and the last time my human read this book to me, I don’t remember hearing that the book was updated to included us. So true to my nature -- as I can only be -- I get excited to see you and perfect strangers (most of the time), so simply following some common sense guidelines helps all of us to have a happy and safe trip. Moreover, I think it’s important to make sure that you and your dog are prepared for a successful and enjoyable travel adventure to Pismo Beach, of course!

2 copyPick the right destination: Without being too presumptuous, picking a destination that calls itself “dog friendly” is a pretty good place to start. Whether it be a destination resort or town, you want to choose a place that is comfortable with dog visitors and therefore, will offer amenities and activities to facilitate a welcoming, relaxing experience for all of you. Pismo Beach has an entire section of it’s website devoted to Dog Friendly Travels! Choose the Right Accommodations: Many dog friendly rooms are located in an area of the establishment making it much easier for you to take your dog in and out of the room as necessary. Inquire about where the designated dog area is at check-in and remember to bring along your doggy clean-up bags. We have a number of super-dog-friendly lodgings in Pismo Beach that love to roll out the welcome mat and dog biscuits for all their dog guests!

Don't Take the Fleas and Pests Along with You: Before leaving home be sure to bathe your dog and use flea and tick control. Also, make sure your dog is properly tagged, micro-chipped, and is current on all necessary vaccinations.

5Pick activities for you and your dog: Dogs love to be with you and to exercise. Activity helps to relieve anxiety and moreover, you take your dog with you on vacation for a reason – to spend time together. In Pismo Beach, you are surrounded by 26 miles of nature’s most glorious playground on the shore. Also, we have the Pismo Reserve opening this summer with miles of hiking trails, a dog-friendly downtown with an oceanfront promenade, and an ocean walk perched on the cliffs; our neighboring wine region has a variety of dog-friendly wineries and vineyards too. 

DON’T Leave Your Dog Alone While Traveling Together: If you bring a kennel, some dog friendly accommodations will allow you to leave your dog alone in your room, but from a dog’s point of view and on the advice of experts, do not to leave your dog unattended unless it is absolutely necessary and then, only for a very short time.  Even the calmest dogs can suffer from anxiety causing them to bark, howl, whimper and be destructive in unfamiliar surroundings. If you must leave your dog unattended, let the front desk and housekeeping know that your dog is alone in the room. Play the TV or radio to make your dog more comfortable and make sure they have no access to a balcony or patio. Always, place a note on your door indicating that your dog is in the room. Also, inquire if they have a dog walking or sitting service available.

ALWAYS Use Your Leash: While out of the privacy of your accommodations and exploring your vacation destination, keep your dog on a leash (unless otherwise specified) and avoid taking them into restricted areas.

BE Respectful of the Dog Friendly Accommodations: Abiding by the rules of a dog-friendly establishment keeps that establishment dog-friendly and encourages other establishments to follow suit in the future. Leaving behind a mess is the kind of thing that makes accommodations change their dog friendly policies. It always considerate to cover any furniture and beds that your dog may be allowed on with a clean beach towel or blanket.  (Most of Pismo Beach’s Dog-Friendly Hoteliers concur that their canine guests are consistently some of their most gracious and considerate guests staying at their establishments).

Remember to Pack Food & a Travel Water Bowl: Though treats and even specials meals will more than likely be plentiful, a regular nutritious meal of familiar foods will keep your dog in tip-top-traveling condition along with access to plenty of fresh water.