What a marvelous time to celebrate the migratory return of the Monarch butterflies to Pismo Beach and the Central California Coast!  After years of decline, the Monarchs are making a comeback! These beautiful golden orange and black pollinators are a delight to see in Pismo’s Butterfly Grove. The Pismo State Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove is located half a mile south of Pismo Beach just off Hwy 1. Park and stroll through the trees to spy butterflies clinging to leafy branches. You and your family can discuss how you can help them by deciding where you might plant milkweed in your garden, which provides nectar to the butterflies and a place to lay their eggs.  Learn to draw Monarchs to display in your windows and share at school. What a wondrous and helpful creature to behold!

Learn more about Western Monarch Day and Monarch migration and how you can contribute to saving the Monarchs.