One of the early surprises for Seaside Gallery owners Tom and Sherie Burgher when they acquired the business in 2008 was they discovered the gallery was better known in Fresno and Bakersfield than locally.  They quickly modified the logo with the phrase “Fine Art in the Heart of Pismo Beach” complete with a red heart.  People find it easy to remember and to relate to that phrase. The1200-foot gallery is segmented into small display areas and presents a different artist in each cozy cubby. By design, a wide diversity of beautiful original paintings is offered in photo realistic, impressionistic, expressionistic and abstract styles. In addition to original paintings, the gallery offers high quality gicleés, fine art photography, and the broadest selection of sculpture by professional sculptors in all of San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara counties.

Seaside Gallery has operated continuously for almost 20 years. When the current owners bought the business at the beginning of 2008, they had a vision and a business model for making Seaside Gallery a resort destination fine art gallery halfway between the traditional art venues of Carmel, California and Laguna Beach, California. They represent approximately 40 professional artists on a rotational basis. They serve established art collectors seeking significant art from artists of international repute and visitors seeking local artists as keepsakes of their visit to Pismo Beach.


In 2010, Tom and Sherie initiated the SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo, which exhibits over 100 works of art by 30 well-known western artists. It is their objective to make this a stand-alone legacy annual event to bring additional visitors to SLO County and Pismo Beach. So this year, the SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo is a standalone event on October 8th and 9th at the Pismo Beach Veteran’s Memorial Building at 780 Bello Street.  Seaside Gallery is also working with the City of Pismo Beach toward the goal of a city-sponsored annual quality public art event that would make Pismo Beach truly an art destination city halfway between Carmel and Laguna Beach.

Seaside Gallery is open 7 days a week, from10 am to 5 pm (opening 11 am Sundays).  You may view their art and videos at their website or see what people are saying on Facebook/Seaside.Gallery.Pismo.