Dear Human Companion,

Family holiday visits are great and all, but you usually have to leave me at home all day. Wouldn’t you rather just say we had a little change of plans and take off for a little holiday getaway where we can do all kinds of great things together? I think we should go to visit my friend Goldie in Pismo Beach.

When life gets hectic, sometimes you just need to learn to say no and actually make a holiday “our holiday”. This November, consider trading in the chaos of crowded airports and obligatory appearances, for the peace, serenity and natural beauty of a holiday escape with you and that special Pet Pal -- ME. We can go hiking, play on the beach, stroll along the vineyards, gaze out at the pacific. You can rub my belly, I can look up at you lovingly. We can roll down the windows and let the wind blow back our ears. Doesn’t that sound like a really nice holiday escape?

So even though making those well-deserved travel plans, inevitably means declining family invitations, you may be surprised at how easy it is to say, “we just can’t make it this year” and how easily they accept your decision.

I promise, you won’t regret spending a little extra time with me during the holidays. So what do you say? You and me and Pismo Beach?

Loyally yours,

Always your dog