Hi Friends!

November is one of my favorite times of the year—can you guess why? FOOD! Lots and lots of food. My humans always cook up the most scrumptious thanksgiving feast and it just tantalizes my nose!

For our thanksgiving dinner, my humans go down to the Pismo Beach Farmers Market to get all their ingredients, which takes place every Tuesday from 830-1130 a.m at the Pismo Coast Shopping Plaza. Though I have to be on leash, the farmers market is so exciting for me! There’s so many smells, sounds, humans, and other fellow canines! My humans also say that everything there is fresh and local and they say it’ll make our food taste even better!

Finally Thanksgiving Day comes and I couldn’t be a happier pup. But it was tortuous staying under the table during dinner; I kept drooling the whole time! The food smelled so good that I couldn’t resist—I had to jump up and steal a bite!

Unfortunately, I took a few more bites than expected… I just couldn’t control myself around all those yummy smells. Therefore, my humans had to find an alternative, which wasn’t hard to do in Pismo Beach.

They ventured out to one of the many awesome dining locations that are dog friendly, which turned out to have a special thanksgiving deal too! My humans got to chow down on fine cuisine while I was a good boy and just sat by their feet. Besides, I was still full from my own thanksgiving feast.

Overall, my family and I still had a happy thanksgiving-- I hope all of yours do too!

Loyally, Goldie