Hey guys, its Goldie again! Summer is finally upon us and my humans are keeping me active and healthy! I have to have that perfect bod for the beaches of Pismo-- especially with all my fellow dogs running all around.

My humans decided to go and explore all the beauty Pismo Beach has to offer, so we headed out into Mother Nature! And boy do they know how to tire me out; all we do is hike, hike, and hike!

First off, let me just say that Pismo Beach has so many glorious hikes that its hard to choose!

But we finally settled on our first hike-- The Shell Beach Bluff Hike, located right by Shell Beach, of course! The humans wanted to get a great view of the beach and we got more than we could ever ask for. In fact, we got 2.8 miles of fun and memories, not to mention the work out of a lifetime.

My humans said they could see down the coast for miles, we were privileged with the best view of picturesque Pismo. They even said that they would pay “good money” for such sites, or something like that, but luckily it was for free!

My humans must love me more than ever because I got prime playtime in my favorite place on earth, the beautiful outdoors! I made my humans hike the full loop too. How else am I supposed to see all of Pismo beach…and get all of my energy out?

Our next hike during in Pismo Beach was at the Monarch Butterfly Grove & Meadow Creek Trail, which was my personal favorite. While my humans and I got to spend quality time together, we also got to spend some quality time with more animals- Butterflies! With so many gorgeous and vibrant butterflies flying around the grove, I couldn’t help but chase after those beautiful things! My humans had to follow in my chase since they’re required to keep me on a leash during this particular trail. Oh, and did I mention the flowers on this hike?  There were so many bountiful and blooming flowers that my head spun! So many yummy and fresh smells I didn’t know what to do with myself!

That trail was 1.5 miles of pure joy, luckily ending with the perfect view of the Cliff’s Resort, my home away from home!

My humans spoil me!  Not only do I get to stay active and explore nature, but I got to spend time in my favorite city, Pismo Beach! I don’t ever think I could get those stunning views out of my head. I’m going to have some sweet doggy dreams tonight!

Loyally yours, Your favorite Pup Goldie