Goldie300x150Hi Everyone!

Happy November! Even though fall has hit the central coast, the beaches are still calling my name, seeing as Pismo Beach is your full-time wine and waves destination! My humans decided to get a little adventurous and take our pack down to the Sand Dunes, located seconds from Pismo Beach in Oceano.

I was in for such a surprise when my family started driving ON the sand! We bounced around with joy as we drove up and around the dunes—I even got to stick my head out the window the whole time! Needless to say, it was so nice to let my tongue flop in the wind while the smell of the salty air filled my snout!

Once we finished roaming around, my humans opened my door to let jump outside and romp around on the sand with my own two paws! They set up beach chairs and a blanket to watch the sun go down while I got to frolic and splash around in the waves! There were lots of other humans and their companions on the dunes playing around too, some were camping, fishing, swimming, and even horseback riding!

Once we done with our exciting day the dunes, my owners and I headed back to our dog-friendly lodging to munch on a good bone and relax for the rest of the evening

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