Hi friends!

It’s finally fall, which can only mean one thing-- lots of pretty colored leaves to jump around in!

But fall means something different for my owners—its harvest time for them, which of course means we get to make another exciting trip to best location to celebrate the season, Pismo Beach!

My owners keep talking about how excited they are for the specialty wines that are only found on the central coast— they just cant wait to explore the winery region with the downloadable wine maps that they found on the Pismo beach website http://www.classiccalifornia.com/index.html

After we settled into one of the many dog-friendly hotels located in Pismo, my owners were getting my bed ready when they found out exciting news—I could accompany them on their wine adventures!

I was so happy that we all got to explore the beautiful vineyards together that I couldn’t stop barking for joy!

From Avila Valley, to San Luis Obispo, to Arroyo Grande—I got to see a wide variety of wineries, while my humans got to taste an even wider variety of wines at each one.

Though I wasn’t allowed to snack on any of those plump grapes, I was still so happy that I got to get in so much quality time with my owners in our favorite vacation spot.

We had such fun-filled day that we couldn’t wait to get back to our Pismo Beach hotel and rest up for the next day of adventures to come!

I’m one worn out pup all right—time to head off to doggy dreamland!

And don’t forget to check out the entire list of Dog Friendly Wineries here:


Goodbye for now!