With the sun shining and the flowers blooming, springtime finally rolls into Pismo Beach, which can only mean one thing—spring break!

Since my family has a week off from school and work, they decided to make a trip up the coast and visit our favorite vacation destination, Pismo Beach. My family and I were so excited as we drove up the California Coast on our way to Pismo, I couldn’t help by celebrate by sticking my head out the window and letting my tongue flop in the wind!

Once we arrived to our dog-friendly hotel, one of the many located in Pismo Beach, we hit the town ready to play and enjoy some quality family time.

We set up camp on Pismo’s world-class beach, soaking up the sunny rays while we relaxed in the warm sand. I got to play fetch with my owner, sprinting through the water to catch my tennis ball, while the kids adventured in the water—kayaking, surfing, and even SUP-ing (stand-up paddle boarding)! It was such a blast!

The next day, my dad got to practice his swing at the local golf course while the rest of the family and I walked around the Pismo Premium Outlets. The outlets were so great, there were fun shops for everyone, and my family picked up some great items! I can’t wait to chew on those new shoes of theirs…

Later at night, my family took me to one of the many dog-friendly restaurants located in Pismo Beach so we could dine out together. All the restaurant workers were so nice to me too—petting my head, running my stomach, and making me feel so loved! Not to mention, all the yummy smells in there were driving my nose crazy!

Needless to say, our spring break in Pismo Beach was filled with fun memories, lots of playtime, and total relaxation. It was truly the best of dog days.

Make sure to make the most of your family’s spring break and have some quality time with your favorite canine companion by enjoying all the fun Pismo Beach has to offer!

For more information on all dog-friendly activities Pismo Beach has to offer, visit http_//www.dogfriendlypismobeach.com