Goldie Here,

Happy September everyone! My owners always love spending time in Pismo beach, it has everything our family needs—great waves, great wine, and most importantly—great food!

Though my preferences are limited to dog food and big bones, my humans are always looking to try something new, which is why they always coming to Pismo Beach!

With such a huge variety of restaurants and eateries, my humans never know where to go. Luckily for them, there’s a wide array of Dog-friendly restaurants located throughout Pismo beach so they can bring me along! I mean, who else would sit there trying to snatch a bite from their plates?

I’m the best company for a sit down meal—I always keep it interesting for my owners!

Whether I’m chasing a nearby seagull or just drooling over the delicious food I see on my humans’ plates, I always have fun while we out dining in Pismo.

And I know my owners love the dining here too- I always overhear them talking about how yummy their food is (it’s like they’re rubbing it in my face!) and how you can only find such quality on the central coast!

With happy bellies, the family and I eventually made our way back to our dog-friendly hotel to let our stomachs settle before we make our next dining outing!

Make sure to check out all the dog-friendly restaurants that Pismo Beach has to offer at Loyally,

Your favorite pup Goldie