Hi all and Happy New Years! 2015 is going to be the year of the dog—this year I’m going to be the best Goldie yet and more importantly, the best pet to my owners!

My family keeps saying that they want to start off 2015 by getting active; they even made new years resolutions to get out and break a sweat outdoors! So I made a new years resolution to match theirs, I want to cut back on the kibble and start pouncing around outdoors more so I can spend quality time with my owners! My owners knew immediately the best place to go to find the perfect hike or walk in was Pismo Beach, since it’s so scenic and the perfect weather to get a good work out. My family first chose the Bishops Peak trail in nearby San Luis Obispo to get me to work off all of my holiday bones, and boy was a it a fun work out—my tail was wagging and my tongue was flapping the whole time! It was two hours of true owner and pet bonding time.

During our time in Pismo Beach, we also walked along Cave Landing and Pirates Cove. There were so many fellow canines there I could also assume it was a favorite trail for families! We got to end our trek with the most beautiful sites in the central coast, as we got to gaze along the entire coastline and soak up the sight of the ocean waves together.

However, my owners personal favorite spot to throw the ball will always be the Dinosaur Cave Park, an 11 acre ocean front bluff top park that has a fun playground for the kids and lots of open grass for me to run around it and get my paws moving!

So needless to say, 2015 has been tiring so far…but I was able to get all my energy out before resting my head at one of Pismo’s dog friendly lodging options. Loyally, Goldie the Pup

You can learn more about Pismo’s large variety of outdoor activities at http://www.classiccalifornia.com/todo.htm And explore all of the dog-friendly lodging at http://www.dogfriendlypismobeach.com/dog-friendly-lodging