Happy Year of the Rooster!  Now this year is not just any year but it is the year of the Fire Rooster -- so why is this important to dog lovers?

Well it’s not exactly, but like many dogs, I happen to feel more like a rooster than a dog on many days.   In Chinese astrology, roosters are described as resilient, brave, loyal, hard working, astute, problem solvers, fashionable dressers, charming, witty, complex, creative, artistic, spiritual, and natural healers.  I’d say that pretty much describes me and many of the dogs I know – well, except the fashionably dressed part – most of us shun those crazy dog duds.

Therefore, I think it’s very important that you not leave such a talented canine creature at home or in the kennel when you decide that we need to take a little winter escape up to Pismo Beach.  Moreover, you should check out  Pismo Beach’s La Nina Specials where from now until mid-March, Pismo Beach Lodging Properties are offering a variety of extended stay packages to help you Fall in Love with Pismo Beach.  These specials allow us to stay three, four, or more nights and get the last night half off or with some offers, it’s complimentary.

Now if that doesn’t appeal to your eastern philosophical side, how about that New Year’s Resolution to spend more time with the ones you love, including your dearest dog?  We can do that too this winter in Pismo Beach…

Faithfully yours, Goldie