Happy New Year Canine Cousins,

While our humans are making all kinds of resolutions for better health habits and more time to stop and enjoy life, let's make sure that they keep us in the loop of self-improvement along with them.

Much like our human partners, we need to get out to see and learn new things, eat nutritiously, exercise and play, take in fresh air and sunshine, and experience joy and happiness.

Here in Pismo Beach, we have miles of coastline to explore, endless hiking trails, vineyards to visit and plenty of dog friendly lodgings and dining experiences.

So please practice on those dramatic "how can you leave me" eyes and don't forget to get your harness and leash and wait at the door -- they will get the message that Pismo Beach is the place for both of you to getaway and realize those healthy New Year's resolutions that are well worth keeping.

Happy New Year Fidelis Canibus et Occuopandi Temporis!