Pismo PreserveThis National Holiday, celebrated each year on March 30, inspires us to savor spring with walks, hikes, and more in the Pismo area. It is pure heaven to take in the sights and sounds of Spring in Pismo Beach. With all of the rain we’ve received this season, it’s beginning to look like the “Emerald Isle” around here. Birds are chirping off the chain, and flowers are blooming, making walking and hiking a real treat for the eyes and spirit. Pismo Beach has so many parks and areas perfect for strolling, power walking, running, and hiking. Additionally, we have many kid friendly places to visit and enjoy. The Pismo Preserve is open from dawn to dusk, except on rainy days, and is a wonderful, scenic place to visit, with stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. It is bursting with new growth and flowers. Pier Plaza is a picturesque place to take photos and stroll along the Pier, boardwalk, and beach. There are numerous places to get a bite to eat, as well. Check out Lodging Specials and stay for a few days to explore all that we have to offer. Get your stroll on in Pismo Beach—we can’t wait to see you!