It’s so difficult to find a house sitter or kennel for your faithful canine companion that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty and like a neglectful pet parent.  Moreover, sometimes traveling with your pet can be more stressful for both of you than its worth_  veterinarian documents, baggage charges, stress medications, medical records, approved airline pet carriers, pet supplies, to check or not to check your pet – it’s not much of holiday once you get it all together. And then, you have to face it all over again on your return trip.  So if leaving your dog home alone while you take a holiday getaway is not an option, consider skipping the airport and taking a peaceful, picturesque road trip to Pismo Beach together.

Pismo Beach is located 244.3 miles south of San Francisco, 188.8 miles north of Los Angeles, 197.2 miles south of San Jose, 81.5 miles north of Santa Barbara, and 136.1 miles west of Bakersfield.  From most of these areas, it’s only 3 hours tops to arrive at your Wine & Waves wag-friendly destination. Check out our dog friendly website, listing everything you and your dog could possibly need during your holiday in Pismo Beach.  From walking on the seashore to sipping great local wines, we’ve got so much for you and your pet to see and enjoy together in Pismo Beach!