(This happened Wednesday, November 20th.)

Something magical happened in the grove this morning as we opened up. Thousands and thousands of Monarchs were out of the clusters, flying around, drinking the rain drops from the leaves in the garden. It was almost like school children on recess, enjoying the warm sunshine and freshness after the rain, just having fun. I walked into the grove in amazement, and kept saying "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness", it was so moving. Life is good on mornings like this. They settled down after about an hour of this.

Another docent shared that on a another day when the butterflies were particularly active, a very large group had settled on a cypress tree. There were so many it looked like a decorated Christmas tree. A young couple had stopped in front of the tree and the guy asked one of the docents if she would take their picture. Of course, the answer was yes. He got down on one knee and proposed. Later when one of the docents again saw the couple, the girl showed her the diamond and the guy said that the proposal was supposed to have taken place later, but he was so inspired by the sight that he decided to do it then and there. What a wonderful picture and story they will have.