Pismo Beach Pier has a Christmas Tree

The Pismo Beach Pier, just down the road from the giant clam that welcomes everyone to the Central Coast beach city, is the landmark icon that draws visitors to this vacation land.

Community events are often held or launched at the Pismo Beach Pier, so when Christmas comes around, it is no surprise that an artificial holiday tree is firmly  planted on a pole way up high for all to see.

Green, perfectly shaped and topped with a gold star, it sits near the end of the pier, just beyond the light poles where seagulls perch.

With nice weather and many days of sunshine in the winter, you'd hardly know it is Christmas except for the window displays and that big tree way up high.

A tree lighting and Santa visit is held annually to celebrate this favorite winter holiday on the Central Coast. Home to wine country, you'll find many visitors exploring new varietals to sample and buy as gifts.  And at Pismo Outlets, the shoppers scour the discount stores and name brand chains to find the right items to give their loved ones or themselves. Stop by the visitor center in the mall to check the great literature, and see if there are any merchant discounts being offered.

SOURCE:  www.beachcalifornia.com