Pismo Beach, CA – A milestone was achieved this weekend as Pismo Beach reached over 100,000 fans on Facebook. For a city with less than 8,000 residents it is certainly loved by many. To celebrate this achievement, the Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau (CVB) will be holding a Getaway Contest in early December for one lucky fan to win an overnight stay in Pismo Beach.

Pismo Beach has more than double the fans of Newport Beach and Monterey and is less than 25,000 fans shy of surpassing Santa Barbara, which currently leads the entire California Central Coast region.

Pismo Beach leads across various social media platforms and remains competitive among such larger tourist destinations as Santa Barbara, Newport Beach and Monterey.

With over 200,000 views on the Pismo Beach YouTube channel, this small beach town even boasts larger numbers than Visit California, the marketing arm for promoting travel to and within California.

Pismo Beach City Council Member Erik Howell, who also serves as the liaison to the CVB Board, says “It is exciting that Pismo Beach has so quickly expanded its fan base and that the word is getting out about the adventures to be had here.”

“We continue to reach out to our Pismo Beach fans and future visitors from all over the world. Social Media gives us the opportunity to not only put our message into words but to share everything that is special about our City visually,” says Gordon Jackson, General Manager for the Pismo Beach Hilton Garden Inn, who also serves as Chair for the CVB Board.

For more information about Pismo Beach or to become an official fan of Pismo Beach, please visit: www.facebook.com/PismoBeachIsClassicCalifornia.