By Barrie Cleveland


Summer is here and I am loving the beach as the water warms up and the days at the coast are longer, allowing more morning activities, afternoon adventures, evening escapes and memorable meals at our local eateries.

Recently, on a beautiful clear day I was walking south of the pier along the sand and noticed a handful of beach goers pointing to the sky.  Of course I looked up and there was a plane flying by and at that very moment two skydivers leaped out.

They were small dark figures at first and then grew in size as they descended back to terra firma. In younger days I remember the desire to do such a thing, even going so far as to purchase a package of adventure activities that included jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

Sadly (gladly), I never did the jump and now with multiple kids, cars and mortgages, I figure this activity has passed me by, along with race car driving, professional football and a space career at NASA.

I followed the billowing parachutes with their dangling passengers through the sky as they steered their nylon stringed contraption to the beach.  They swooped and glided and landed like a gangly pelican on the soft sand with hoots and hollers and smiles as wide as a Pismo clam.  Maybe I could try this someday…

Enjoy all the activities the coast has to offer, either as a spectator or a participant.