Pismo Beach has the coolest stuff for kids to enjoy in addition to our beautiful  beach and all the great outdoor activities available to explore!   Our new Whale Surfing Playground is located in the recently opened Pier Plaza. Situated near the beach, the colors and elements of the playground are inspired by the surrounding nature. The main objects on the playground are the Humpback whale, the Clam slide and the surfboards. The floor design combines the elements and the story. The Humpback whale is already an iconic creature in the area but the playground and scenario create an even more memorable experience of the place. The inspiration for this Whale Surfing playground is found in the marine life, surfing culture and local nature around Pismo Beach. To create an adventurous scenario, the surfing is combined with the fascinating natural phenomenon of a Humpback Whale Breaching and creating waves. Kid’s imaginations will run wild on this exciting and enchanting nautical adventure playground as they will enjoy endless play and fun under the sun in Pismo Beach.