Still Frothy

Saturday, Sept. 24 - Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016


The Still Frothy (frothy means amped, stoked or excited) Surf Festival is a contest to fire up and motivate the youth in California to get off of their computers & video games and go surfing….and once surfing never stop! It has always been and always will be a free surf competition for kids 17 & under. Every participant receives a free contest tee shirt, snacks, drinks and lunch. On top of this, free goodies are given out all day long via fun games or entertaining surf trivia questions. At the end of the day the finalists in the kids division will receive some amazing product from our gracious sponsors. There are also some last minute awards & prizes given out that involve one of the youth’s community involvement as well as surf skills. Every year the “all-around good kid(s)” scores a Channel Islands surf board rode by one of their top name professional! On top of these great things for the kids we also have local dentists donating product towards the competitor’s oral health. Follow Still Frothy on Facebook or Instagram for more updates and information.