The Wait

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Every day I wait for you. I wait for you to get out of bed and say good morning to me. I wait for you to start your coffee and fill my bowl. I wait for you to take our quick jaunt to the bottom of the drive for the newspaper. I wait for you to finish your shower and say, “What are you going to do today?” I wait for you to say goodbye and I watch you from the window as you drive away…

And then my day’s work begins. I run from window to window scaring away pesky mailmen and destructive squirrels. I run from the front door, sailing through my portal like a gazelle to the back gate terrifying deliverymen and meter readers.

I watch the sun cross the sky and I wait for you. I hear many cars pass by everyday but I know your car’s distinct sound like I know your wonderful scent. My ears perk up, my pulse quickens, my heart begins to sing, and my tail wags uncontrollably. I try to stifle the happy “hi” bark that always gets me into a bit of trouble but I can’t because I love you. I wag my tail so enthusiastically I’m more like a sidewinder than a wolf.

Weekends are my favorite time. I like the subtle change in the routine that signals you won’t be rushing off -- even if I have to stare at you a little longer to get you up out of bed. I like your sneakers a lot better than the Italian loafers because they’re usually followed by the jingle of my lead. I like the sound of the duffle bag rustling and the crinkling sound my food makes when you put it in there. “Wanna go for a ride?” is music to my ears as well as a ridiculous question to ask me.

I love getting in the car and driving away with you. I love watching the house say goodbye to both of us. I love the changes in the air as we get closer to the seashore – salty, cool, clean, fresh… I know where we’re going. Soon both of us will be feeling the sand between our paws and toes and the sea’s spray will be tickling our noses. And I’ll look up at you and you’ll say, “What do you think?” And you know what I think? I think you never looked so relaxed and I know we’ve found a perfect moment of contentment here on the shores of Pismo Beach. And I wait for you and this moment everyday of my life.

Dedicated to the hardest work dog in America, my friend the wild Scotsman Pawscal.