1. Skydiving Take a leap of faith, an 8,000 foot leap to be exact, out of an airplane and into the skies of Pismo Beach by joining Skydive Pismo Beach in your next adventure! Soar above the seas and take in breathtaking views above the coast as you jump from one of the many planes based at the Oceano Airport. Cross this one off your bucket list when you make your next trip to Pismo Beach.

2. Stand up Paddleboarding Grab your paddles but ditch the Kayak—this new trend that’s spreading across California has hit the central coast! Stand Up Paddle boarding, or SUP, gets people on their feet as they stand up on a board, similar to that of a surfboard, and paddle their way through the ocean waves. Rent from one of Pismo’s local shops and hit the water.

3. Horseback riding Saddle up and find your newest adventure in Pismo Beach on the back of a horse! Pismo Beach has countless of private trails through the Oceano Dunes and other Pismo beaches for riders to explore. Gallop through the sands with your new adventure buddy and make an experience you’ll never forget.

4. Oceano Dunes Thrill seekers prepare for the ride of your life—The Ocean Dunes, located on the sands of Pismo Beach, offers up an exciting experience for visitors to drive along the sand and bounce up and down the sandy hills. Anyone can drive their vehicle on the sand but Pismo Beach offers hummer tours and ATV rentals for those who aren’t properly equipped on their own.

For more information on any of these fun, local activities, visit the Pismo Beach Website.