Our good friends at La Vita Fresca wrote a great article on Central Coast travel. Here is an excerpt:

"Desperate for a place to get out of town and leave behind the stresses of Los Angeles, I blessedly found California’s Mecca for food & wine lovers, wide-open space cravers, ocean worshippers, hikers walkers & cyclists, art junkies and just lovers: California’s Central Coast & Valley. Recently, I have had the good fortune of attending three food and wine festivals which has allowed me to get to know the Central Coast and enjoy all that it has to offer.  Just a short, scenic three hour drive out of Los Angeles, I was transported to a place that felt like I had traveled much farther. Without even noticing, my blood pressure had returned to a normal rate, my muscles had relaxed and an easy feeling of calm had replaced my previously tense demeanor. Enjoying a deep, cleansing breath, I was in a place I knew I would be spending a lot more time getting to know."

Read the entire article at LaVitaFresca.com.