Goldie: the Classic California Canine Weighs in on What a Dog Wants & Needs On A Dog-Friendly Vacation to Pismo Beach

Introducing Goldie, Pismo’s Grand Canine Ambassador. Today, we talked to Goldie about traveling with your dog and what a dog really wants and needs on a dog-friendly vacation. We met with Goldie at one of Pismo’s premier dog-friendly oceanfront resort’s resort restaurants. At first, it was a little difficult to get his/her attention away from the other dogs romping on the lush green grass and the many happy dogs on their walks parading along the sea cliff promenade, but after giving her some of my steak tartare she was able to focus.

CC: Good morning Goldie! Goldie? Goldie, want a treat?

Goldie: Treat! Yes, don’t mind if I do. Well, first of all, I’m glad you were open to your assignment from Classic California to interview me, a dog. I sensed your apprehension – brilliant idea with the tartare though.

CC: Well, I must admit I was a little reluctant and it is a first for me, but I love dogs. I talk to my dogs all the time and they love Pismo Beach.

Goldie: Good to hear! And I completely get why all dogs love Pismo Beach. Most of us are beach lovin - vineyard strollin’ - trail hikin’ - restaurant hoppin’ - resort livin’ - ocean kayakin’- surf chasin’ – sunset watchin’ Classic California Canines at heart.

CC: I see that. What’s it generally like for a dog visiting Pismo Beach?

Goldie: My mornings usually start off with a delicious breakfast – sometimes in my room or at a local dog friendly café on an oceanfront terrace with my human, of course – who else would pick up the tab? After that, a leisurely stroll with my human on the shore or maybe a romp with my friends at the nearby dog beach. We dogs love this stuff!

CC: So Goldie, in your experience, what does a dog really want from their human and what do they want from a Dog-Friendly Vacation?

Goldie: We dogs really want five simple things from our humans:

1st: LOVE!!! – First & Foremost! We want you to love us and spend more time with us – we love play time -- car time – quiet time -- walk time – you name it time! Knowing that we are going to be with you is the most important thing to us. We are all about love and togetherness. When we see those suitcases and those many steps in and out of the house – back and forth to the car – we are filled with the hope that we are going somewhere with you. When we hear the chiming of our leads – our hearts begin to sing and we can’t sit still long enough for you to get that lead latched. And then, the walk to the car and the revving of the engine – we know we’re in for some quality time with you – a doggy vacation with YOU -- it’s a doggy dream.

2nd: Food & Fresh Cool Water: We love mealtime. We love to be fed! The sound of rattling bowls – the flip of the can -- the rustling of kibble sends us over the moon – it’s music to our ears. And then there’s the lovely bouquet of lamb, chicken, beef, and salmon - YUM! Or how about the trickle of cool water into our bowl after a long walk? It’s important that you pack our food for vacations and bring our water bowls, especially since we love hiking and beach walks. Many dog-friendly lodgings in Pismo provide bowls, beds and doggy menus, but we still need the food we are used to for regular meals, for travel snacks, and lots of fresh water.

3rd: You as Our Pack Leader: Who’s the boss? YOU”RE THE BOSS! Dogs need rules and boundaries that are consistent, simple and clear, or we take advantage of you and can easily put ourselves in harm’s way. We need to be on a lead in public and more importantly, when we are in new and unfamiliar places – even if you are planning on releasing us at a dog park or on the dog beach – we need to get to the “free play area” safely. When we see other animals like little humans, squirrels, bunnies, and flocks of seagulls – you name it – we often feel the need to run with them. We say “Hey look – Let’s play!” And often times, we don’t look where were going or what’s around us before we take off running. Also, being a true-blue pack leader means that you’ve had us licensed, micro-chipped and we are wearing identification tags just in case of the unfortunate, frightening event that we get separated from you. Dogs can’t tell anyone that they’re lost or who they are and sometimes, we get really scared. Seeing that a dog is wearing ID tags makes humans more prone to helping us find our owners.

4th: Fun & Exercise: For fun, ask your dog what they like to do best? Go on – do it. If you listen, your dog will tell you. We follow you around with that favorite ball or squeak toy or our leash. We paw at the back of your leg at walk time. In fact, most dogs like exercise more than you do and we need it for emotional and physical well-being. We want to be outside, exploring, playing, chasing, and rolling around in sand, grass, and really stinky stuff. We live for that stuff! There are tons of opportunities for play and exercise in Pismo Beach on the beach, on trails, at wineries, and parks, so don’t forget to bring our toys and travel packs.

5th: Safety & Good Health: Safety is very important! Most of us love car time! We get so excited running back and forth from window to window. Our ears flapping in the breeze and our noses catching every new scent – we become ecstatic – and that’s why dogs, like humans, need proper travel restraints so we don’t lose our minds and accidentally exit the car “sans chaperone” – sometimes when it’s still moving – YIKES! Whether it is a tethered harness or in a secured travel crate – we need you to contain our enthusiasm -- not necessarily to curb it. By making sure that we do not become projectiles in case of an accident or hard braking, everyone’s safety is taken into consideration. Your local pet supply store can help you find the pet travel restraint that's right for both you and your dog and that fits your vehicle. Keeping us in good health includes that we dogs receive up-to-date vaccinations and proper preventives that will protect us against heartworm, lime disease, ticks and fleas. And don't’ forget to pack our medications and daily supplements if we need them. We dogs need you to help us stay healthy.

CC: Simple, but a wealth of insightful information, Goldie. In your opinion, would you say that “doggy” visitors and their humans are a welcomed demographic in Pismo Beach?

Goldie: Welcomed – more like worshipped and catered to. As one my favorite hoteliers, the Cliffs Resort, said, “When asked if we accept dogs, we replied, ‘We’ve been operating this hotel for many years and never had a dog steal towels, sheets, silverware or pictures off the walls. We’ve never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly. And never had a dog run out on a hotel bill. Yes, indeed, your dog is welcome at our hotel. And, if your dog will vouch for you, you’re welcome to stay here, too.’”

Does that answer your question?

CC: That sure does, Goldie. Thank you for taking the time out of your hedonistically fabulously doggy day to talk about Dog-Friendly Pismo Beach. Can you think of anything else?

Goldie: There is one more thing. Dogs should let their humans know that Pismo Beach has a fully interactive website and a dedicated dog-friendly landing page that can answer any and all of their questions about dog-friendly travel, lodgings, events, and services. Also, I will be blogging regularly about the latest dog news from Pismo Beach.

CC: Sounds great…I think? You will be blogging, Goldie? I thought I was supposed to be…

Goldie: The editor didn’t take you to coffee or out for your favorite glass of Central Coast wine for a little chat recently? No? No yet? Rutt-roh…