July Wine Article By Barrie Cleveland CaliforniaWineryAdvisor.com

Wine Deals Along the Central Coast

The weather is warming up. Trips, visits and vacations are being planned. The beach is calling. July is an exciting time along the Central Coast with lots of activities, diversions and adventures. Wine tasting is the perfect way to unwind and discover the beauty of the area and realize why we visit or choose to live here.

When you are out at the wineries, visiting with winemakers, the tasting room staffs and friends, you know that this is your time. No work, no to-do lists and plenty of time to relax. The job at hand is to visit a new winery or return to a favorite and maybe make a few discoveries along the way – and this year you will find some great bargains.

During the summer the Central Coast vineyards are brightly colored with green vines, ripening fruit and the anticipation of fine wines to come. Winemakers generally bottle their prior vintages in the Spring and early Summer. Visiting the wineries at this time of year can be rewarding as the vintners show their new releases and often give discounts on their excess inventory.

This year many wineries have cases stacked higher than usual and want to clear out their cellars for the new wine to come. Many have upwards of 20, 30 and even 50 percent discounts if you buy a case or more. There are some great buys out there that will surely not last, nor be repeated anytime soon.

So this is a perfect time to fill out your cellar, or your extra closet space, with some exceptional wines and feel great about the bargain prices you so smartly took advantage of.

If you plan to buy multiple cases, be sure to have a mix of wines with some that can age and others ready to drink. Many wineries will also let you mix and match wines to build a case though usually the discounts are not as steep. Make sure to taste everything you are planning to buy. Old wine can be wonderful, or it can be old and worn out.

You may want to take home an extra reserve of the “everyday wine” as well as find some special treats. Remember to negotiate your tasting fee if you are buying, especially if you are purchasing a case or more.

Enjoy the wine country this season and relieve the vintners of their 2007 and 2008 wines. These deals won’t last forever and a savvy purchase now will be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.