Pismo Beach Stewardship Logo


The Pismo Beach Stewardship & Educational Outreach program is made possible by the generous support from and funding by the Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau (CVB). The Pismo Beach CVB is made up of local hoteliers and lodging constituents who recognize the need to educate and foster greater sensitivity and awareness towards the preservation and conservation of the Pismo Beach Community and their cherished natural coastal and woodland environments.

Mission Statement

To strengthen and enhance Stewardship through environmental awareness and education in Pismo Beach by orchestrating arts and project-based experiences to “hear, see, and feel” both community and scientific knowledge of our ocean and coastal environs and our connections thereto.

About the Program

This program involves both residents and visitors alike on how their actions can sustain and improve our coastal area for generations to come. It is available to all and can be accessed at regularly planned activities and volunteer opportunities and virtually through the Pismo Beach CVB’s website and social media channels.

Educational Activities and Information are experienced as well as accessed through our website. These are available to all schools, educators, parents, children, and lifelong learners.

About the Director

Eileen Morris enjoyed many years of educating children in the LAUSD District implementing STEAM learning and has a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration. Her love, curiosity, and respect for the Central Coast and its history guides her creative ideas to inspire both the community and visitors to enjoy and protect our delicate coastal environment for generations to come.

Get the latest information on Pismo Beach’s Stewardship Program and events by signing up for the Experience Pismo Beach newsletter. For assistance with educational resources, classes, field trip Information, activity books, and upcoming events, please contact Public Relations Director Georgina Stassi at georgina@tjaadvertising.com.