Beach & Outdoors

There is so much to do and see in Pismo Beach. What could be better than getting outdoors and connecting with nature? Our sandy beaches are soft and smooth on the feet. Experience great surfing for all skill levels, including beginners. Walking along our renovated Pismo Pier is a treat for the senses—the 360-degree view calms the mind and refreshes the spirit. Observe all kinds of wildlife along the shore, poking beaks into the wet sand looking for food, migrating by, gliding along the ocean surface, clinging to Eucalyptus limbs in the Monarch Butterfly Grove, and meandering along the riparian estuary flowing to the Pacific. We’ve got the Oceano Dunes, biking trails, hiking in Pismo Preserve, golfing, horseback riding, scenic parks, and nature tours. This is YOUR Pismo Beach! Come relax, refresh, and enjoy the experiences!