Pismo Beach Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me quantities of brochures for our group or business?

Certainly. The Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau has available several types of collateral promotional materials such as centerpiece brochures, dining and accommodation guides and an activities guide / area map. Just let us know what, when and where you want them.

Which hotels have meeting facilities and work with groups for family reunions, weddings, etc?

Pismo Beach is fully equipped to handle group needs from lodging to event planning to tours and transportation. Simply go to our Group Activities Page.

Can you give me information on beach camping?

You bet. Pismo Beach has campgrounds at Pismo Beach State Park, Oceano Dunes State Recreational Vehicle Area as well as private RV parks with campgrounds. Just go to our Lodging Page.

Can you give me a list and locations of your city parks, their amenities, costs and reservation information?

Of course. There is no charge to use Pismo Beach’s many city parks and several have restrooms, barbecue facilities and playground equipment. An excellent full color Area Map and Activities Guide is available free of charge on request.

Can you give me a list of hiking / biking trails?

Yes. We have excellent brochure maps of both hiking and bike trails available. Just ask

Are there any hotels or businesses with "specials" or package rates for visitors?

Yes. Virtually all of our hotels and motels feature shoulder and off-season rates and many offer special packages which include meals, golf or other activities. Just go to our Lodging Page.

When are the Monarch Butterflies in Pismo Beach?

The “Butterfly Trees” of Pismo Beach are one of our most beloved attractions. From late October through February, thousands of colorful Monarch butterflies cluster in the limbs. More information can be found on our Monarch Butterfly website.

Do you have a tides schedule?

Absolutely. You can check current or future tides and the weather by going to either our Tides Page or our Weather Page.

What is required to drive on your beach?

Mostly common sense. Pismo State Beach and the adjacent Oceano Dunes State Recreational Vehicle Area both allow vehicles on our 8 miles of drivable beach and dune areas. Best conditions are at low tide, the speed limit is 15 mph and staying on the hard packed sand will keep you out of trouble. More information is available from Pismo State Beach and Oceano Dunes State Recreational Vehicle Area.

What is the best time of year to visit Pismo Beach?

Pismo Beach is blessed with excellent weather all year. The summer season is naturally our busiest, but Spring, Fall and Winter each have their own charm, their own attractions and of course better prices and availability of services. Many of our visitors come here during the Fall and Winter just like the Monarch Butterflies and the whales to enjoy our sunny days and friendly atmosphere.

Can you give me information about doing commercial filming on the beach?

Certainly. Pismo Beach has been used for many years as a feature film location and for the shooting of many advertising commercials. To contact our film representative call City Hall at (805) 773-4657.