Pismo Beach Pier Plaza

New Experiences to Enjoy in Pismo Beach

Pier Plaza OverviewColorful illuminated seven-foot-tall letters spell out Pismo Beach and a playground with a giant slide that glides through the plaza floor leading to the beach below.  A new parking area, with street improvements and other new additions, makes the area easily accessible while maintaining the historic and classic Pismo Beach aesthetic and atmosphere. It’s all still your favorite Classic California in Pismo Beach that we’ve freshened up, and created more sense of place with quality areas where you can have great experiences with your family and friends.


Whale Surfing Playground:

The new playground is in the newly updated Pier Plaza. Situated near the beach, the colors and elements of the playground are inspired by the surrounding nature. The main objects on the playground are the Humpback whale, the Clam slide, and the surfboards. The floor design combines the elements and the story. The Humpback whale is already an iconic creature in the area, but the playground and scenario create an even more memorable experience of the place. The inspiration for this Whale Surfing playground is found in the marine life, surfing culture and local nature around Pismo Beach. To create an adventurous scenario, the surfing is combined with the fascinating natural phenomenon of a Humpback Whale Breaching and creating waves.

Vintage Airstreams on the Pier:

The renovated historic Pismo Beach Pier hosts a trio of Vintage Airstreams, with each offering different experiences to enjoy: a concessionaire serving appetizers and drinks; a visitor’s center; and Sheldon’s Bait Shack.  

Sheldon’s Bait Shack:

For nearly 45 years before the start of construction, Sheldon's Bait Shack, a family-owned business, has been a staple on Pismo Beach Pier.  Sheldon’s will continue to sell poles, bait, candy, snacks, and more. Located at the second diamond of the Pismo Pier, hours of operation during the winter are 9am-4pm; Fri – Mon. Open Memorial Day– Labor Day, they will be open 7 days a week from 9am–7pm weather permitting. Sheldon’s Bait Shack offers bait and tackle, as well as snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.

Pismo Beach Visitor’s Information:

Pismo Beach Pier Plaza The Pismo Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau is excited to welcome visitors to Pismo Beach from the new Visitor Information Airstream on the first diamond of the Pismo Pier. Stop by for information on lodging, dining, activities and maps. Our friendly staff will be available to answer questions 7 days a week from 10am–5pm.

Sunsets at Pismo:

Sunsets at Pismo features gourmet street food along with local beers and wine. From “Shrimp Truck” tacos and Fish n’ Chips to a Filet Mignon Sandwich and Nashville Spicy Fried Chicken, the flavors at Sunsets are a delicious, unique dining experience on the iconic pier in beautiful Pismo Beach. Open 7am–7pm, 7-days a week.

The Shell Beach Streetscape:

The Shell Beach Streetscape features an 18-block pedestrian-bike path, with updated streetscape waterways and landscaping. The walkable path takes you along shops and cafes while you take in the great outdoors, scenery, and beautiful weather.

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