One of the most beautiful springtimes in Pismo Beach and all of Central California is upon us and who better to explore and enjoy it with than you faithful canine traveling buddy!  Come to Pismo Beach where you can play on the beach in the sunshine and dig in the sand.  Hike for miles discovering new, interesting sights and scents on our incredible natural trails.  Taste local wines and visit dog friendly wineries and vineyards.  You probably have the best travel companion sitting right next to you and someone that will treasure the time you spend together.  Dogs are the best of friends and the best company and we love to have them in Pismo Beach!

By Mary Oliver

I lift my face to the pale flowers

of the rain. They’re soft as linen,

clean as holy water. Meanwhile

my dog runs off, noses down packed leaves

into damp, mysterious tunnels.

He says the smells are rising now

stiff and lively; he says the beasts

are waking up now full of oil,

sleep sweat, tag-ends of dreams. The rain

rubs its shining hands all over me.

My dog returns and barks fiercely, he says

each secret body is the richest advisor,

deep in the black earth such fuming

nuggets of joy!