There is always a lot of talk about New Year’s Resolutions and whether we can actually keep them. Lately, there is more emphasis on making small changes that are easy to do and are more likely to actually improve quality of life. Taking even a short vacation by yourself or with family and friends can enhance wellbeing by having a positive effect on stress levels and mood. Pismo Beach has so much to offer to do just that.

Getting restful sleep is a key to avoiding some health issues and improving emotional health and mental clarity. Take a look at Pismo’s diverse lodging specials to fit your needs for relaxing and getting restful sleep. We have something for everyone.

Engaging in physical activities you enjoy can add more healthy movement into your day. Pismo Beach is a great place to be more active. There are so many wonderful places to walk around and experience. Spending more time outdoors relieves stress and can even lower blood pressure. Hiking, camping, visiting a park, playing, walking on the beach, biking, golfing, surfing, fishing, and ATVing are just some of the things you can do in Pismo to add activity into your days.

Eating more whole foods and healthy meals is another thing to consider. During vacations, parties, and holidays, nourishing and sustainable eating patterns can be maintained, especially with the wide variety of award-winning dining establishments Pismo Beach has to offer. We have outstanding farm to table dining to fit every taste.

Relaxing with your friends and family can include enjoying our excellent wine tasting and breweries, too. Pismo is known for a plethora of wine country areas, featuring some of the best California has to offer. 

There’s a lot of talk about self-care these days, which is well worth the time investment. Taking time for ourselves is imperative for our overall wellbeing, and it can do wonders for our relationships, especially for those of us in caretaker roles and those with super busy schedules. Pismo Beach offers a variety of ways to improve your state of being. Spa visits, taking a soak, yoga and meditation, walking in nature, getting some nap time or extra sleep, and being more mindful and present can lead to a more content everyday life.

Rather than a temporary resolution, how about experiencing some of these delightful suggestions to start off the New Year in a way that improves your physical and emotional health? You will feel refreshed and renewed in Pismo’s beautiful coastal environment. Come visit us soon—we are looking forward to seeing you and would love to help you make the New Year one of the happiest and healthiest possible.